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If you would like to be a part of We Care Outreach Ministries, please email or call us to inquire about participating in our programs or volunteering at one of our events.


Safe Passage Program was developed to ensure the safety of all students as they travel to and from school to further their education. We provide adult supervision along the routes that students travel to get to and from school in effect to decrease the chance of the students being robbed, jumped on, pocket checked, presured into joining a gang, raped, kidnapped, etc.. Another one of our programs is "Safe School". Unlike our Safe Passage Program we are on the campus during the time when students are transfering to their next period, during nutrition break and lunch time.We monitor the students for gang activity and gang attire.


In 2008, former gang leader turned community activist Big Mike Cummings asked UCLA gang expert Jorja Leap to co-lead a group of men struggling to be better fathers in Watts, South Los Angeles, a neighborhood long burdened with a legacy of racialized poverty, violence, and incarceration. These men, black and brown, from late adolescence to middle age, are trying to heal themselves and their community, and above all to build their identities as fathers. Each week, they come together to help one another answer the question “How can I be a good father when I’ve never had one?”


We Care Outreach Ministries encourages the development of leadership and team building skills, while simultaneously promoting peace, encouraging individual ambition, and providing a safe extracurricular activity for students.  Each year, We Care Outreach invites a group of young students from the Watts neighborhood in Los Angeles, to participate in college tours to encourage and inspire them to pursue their dreams at a young age. 


1513 E. 103rd Street Los Angeles, CA 90002

(323) 974-6808

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